maskhadovRicevo e volentieri pubblico questo articolo della diaspora cecena.
L’8 marzo tanti ceceni ricordano l’uccisione di un dei loro leader, l’ex presidente Mashkadov. Da più parti considerato un mediatore.
Le autorità russe non hanno mai restituito il corpo alla famiglia.
Ad maiora

Eight years ago, on March 8, the Chechen people lost their leader, but more importantly, the
world community lost its humanity and honor while staying silent about Russia’s state
terrorism against the elected President of the Chechen people!
In January 1997, Aslan Aliyevich Maskhadov was legitimately elected, gaining more than 59%
of the votes in the free and democratic elections in the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, under
the aegis of international institutions like UN and OSCE. One of his first actions was signing a
peace treaty between the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and the Russian Federation. During
his term, he defended human rights and did his best to keep peace alive. But despite all of
his efforts, the war machine worked once again at the end of 1999, and he headed the
defense of his native land against the unlawful Russian military occupation as the leader of
the Chechen people. However, during all his military and political life, he strongly
condemned any kind of terrorist actions and stood against terrorism. He believed that he
could bring an end to this war if he might talk for only a few minutes face to face with the
Russian President Putin; in this aim, he announced a unliteral ceasefire while hoping to find
peace. However, the Russian state’s answer was brutal and they assasinated the President of
the People in front of the world community. Their cruelty didn’t end with this, they seized
his body referring to their inhumane law about their right to keep the bodies of “terrorists”!
Whatever the Russian law says, this practice cannot be considered legal, neither in a political
context, nor in ethical terms.
We, the Save Chechnya Campaign, once again ask the Russian authorities to bring an end to
this horrible practice and give his body back to his family for burial according to Muslim and
Chechen traditions!
We, the Save Chechnya Campaign, ask all international institutions and human rights
organizations as well as people of goodwill to apply pressure and demand the return of the
body of the President of the People!
Advocate Burak Oztas
General Director of Save Chechnya Campaign